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Sacked Microsoft Employee Laments About Future



The tech industry has been facing challenges in recent times with companies having to lay off employees as a means of cost-cutting. This has affected both tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Meta, and Amazon, as well as startups such as Dunzo and ShareChat, with employees being impacted globally.


One such employee, Lupe Canaviri Maydana, was an engineer at Microsoft for over a year but was recently laid off as a result of the company’s decision to cut its workforce by 5%. She has only 60 days to find a new role and is worried about what the future holds for her. She has many questions, including where she will live if she can’t find a new role, which company she will work for next, and whether she will be able to keep her H1B visa. In her LinkedIn post, Lupe expressed gratitude for her time at Microsoft and the opportunity to work with brilliant people and on a product that billions of people use daily.


Despite the uncertainty, Lupe remains positive and is ready for her next adventure. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has assured affected employees that they will be treated with dignity and respect and will receive the company’s full support during the transition. In an email to employees, Nadella stated that while some roles would be eliminated, the company would continue to hire in key strategic areas.


The recent layoffs at Microsoft are a reminder of the challenging times faced by the tech industry and the impact it can have on employees. However, employees like Lupe remain resilient and are ready to face new challenges and opportunities in the future.

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