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Ruto, Odinga meet to address Kenya protests



Ruto, Odinga meet to address Kenya protests, proposes six-day multi-sectoral forum

President William Ruto and ODM leader Raila Odinga held a crucial meeting at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) on Tuesday to address the ongoing anti-Finance Bill protests that have gripped Kenya.

The leaders convened to discuss Ruto’s proposal to establish a six-day multi-sectoral forum, scheduled to commence on July 15, aimed at swiftly addressing the issues raised by protesters.

During the meeting, President Ruto underscored the forum’s objective of finding sustainable solutions for the country while emphasizing that all participants would be responsible for covering their attendance costs.

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In support of Ruto’s initiative, Raila Odinga emphasized the importance of dialogue as a means to effectively resolve the current national crisis.

He expressed the meeting’s consensus on providing a platform for citizens to voice their concerns and seek lasting resolutions.

Meanwhile, amidst ongoing demonstrations, Kenyan youth have steadfastly continued their protests, demanding the repeal of the housing levy and the restoration of social welfare programs such as Linda Mama and EduAfya.

Kiptoo Kosgei, representing the younger generation, voiced frustrations over alleged mismanagement of government taxes by corrupt officials.

The consultative meeting between Ruto and Raila marks a significant step towards addressing the grievances that have sparked widespread protests across the nation.

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