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Russia moves Nuclear research near U.S border



Russia moves Nuclear research near U.S border

Russia despite its on-going war with Ukraine has made plans to move its nuclear research to within proximity of U.S border in an aim to further strengthen ties with pro-Moscow nations.

This move would see Russia carry out its research operation in two nuclear facilities in the South American nation of Bolivia which sits to the U.S at 5,000km.

Bolivia aims to reduce America’s influence on South America which gives Russia the opportunity to extend its hand to the region.

The move which is seen through by Rosatom, has according to reports been completed thereby placing trial operation to mark the first industrial facilities of the nuclear research and technology centre.

Russia moves Nuclear research near U.S border

A pre-clinical cyclotron radiopharmaceutical complex and a multi-purpose irradiation centre have already been launched in El Alto.

The cyclotron-radiopharmaceutical complex is said to provide Bolivia with nuclear medicine centres with radiopharmaceuticals for clinical trials of more than 5,000 patients a year as it is equipped with a cyclotron.

According to Rosatom:

“Thus, Bolivian citizens will be able to undergo timely and high-quality medical examinations with the help of advanced nuclear medicine preparations.”

This might appear like it is a move by Russia to strengthen ties and build international relationships in the global scene, the West and America would particularly be worried as this mirrors a cold-war-esque move.

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