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Ronaldo brought out the best in me by Leaving—Benzema



Karim Benzema on Real Madrid needing to Replace him

Ronaldo brought a lot to me in my career, while at Real Madrid and even after he left Real Madrid, Karim Benzema told the press in an interview session.

Real Madrid striker, Karim Benzema has been talking quite a lot ahead of Real Madrid’s Super Cup final against German side, Eintracht Frankfurt, and according to him, he is thankful of what Ronaldo’s exit from Madrid did for his career.

The Frenchman revealed the Portugal captain helped him become the better player he is today, both on and off the pitch.

In the pre-match press conference ahead of the UEFA game at the Helsinki’s Olympic Stadium on Wednesday, he revealed prior to Cristiano Ronaldo’s exit from the Santiago Bernabeu, he played much differently.

Ronaldo brought out the best in me by Leaving—Benzema

And for Benzema, it was due to the coach having a different playing style that needed to accommodate both him and Ronaldo, and while Ronaldo brought the goals, he did more of the assist.

But after his former teammate left the Bernabeu for Juventus in 2018, Benzema revealed he had to become the focal point and main man in the attack.

The France international while speaking ahead of the game, said:

“It has been different for me since Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid. It is true that I have scored many more goals, but when Cristiano was here, we had a different style of play, I was providing more assists. He really helped me on and off the pitch.

“But at that time, I did know that I could do more and when he left, it was the time to change my game, change my ambitions and I am doing that well at the moment.”

For all that Cristiano Ronaldo brought to Benzema’s career, the Real Madrid man would be very thankful if eventually he ends up winning the golden ball award for the first time in his career, which he surely deserves.

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