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Ronaldo and Fernandes Don’t Get along—Marius Niculae



Ronaldo and Fernandes Don’t Get along—Marius Niculae

Of all the glamor that may have been Portugal’s squad, it might turn out some of its stars may not be the best of friends after all, as Marius Niculae has revealed Bruno Fernandes and Cristiano Ronaldo avoided each other in the team.

Bruno Fernandes allegedly avoided the Portugal captain, according to Marius Niculae, a former teammate of Cristiano Ronaldo at Sporting.

Additionally, Niculae maintained that Pepe is the only member of the Portugal team who gets along with Ronaldo, adding that the group has stopped accepting him.

The two played nine games together while they were teammates at Sporting CP in the 2022–2003 season. The former Romanian international.

He claimed that Ronaldo used to be a reclusive individual who was never sociable.

Niculae stated to Digi Sport Special:

“He [Ronaldo] was not a sociable person. We always tried to get him to come to the table to eat with us, but he was always in his own world. He would go to the gym alone. Sometimes, after training, we would all go out to eat, but he never came.”

He added, “I think the group did not accept him as well anymore. Pepe is the only one he gets along with. I have seen some photos, Bruno Fernandes has avoided him a bit.”