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Revealed: How To Gain An Immense Following With Instagram



Hey! While you may be reading this article to find out quick and easy tips to gaining a massive following, the tips we’ve gathered are more about consistency and dedication to your Instagram Social Media account. All tried and true methods require some work on your part, and gaining a following is no different. Instagram, however, as a social app is more than just another social media platform. It is also a huge marketing tool that allows you to advertise your product or service widely. It is also a channel which allows you to gain followers through visual content, making it an important platform for artists, musicians, vloggers, photographers, makeup artists, and others whose aesthetic appeal is great.

An Instagram profile with a high number of followers can help boost your brand, make you more well-known, and target your ideal audience. Use the Instagram search bar as a starting point. It will show you some top-performing Instagram posts based on who you follow, the type of content you enjoy or save, and the content that your follows like, too. See what others are doing, and then modify your posts accordingly.

Here are some tips and suggestions for gaining a following:

  1. Post at least once a day.
    According to surveys, businesses looking for regular engagement with their consumers consistently post once or twice a day. While posting more frequently has not been shown to decrease engagement, the trick is understanding that post frequency and time of day matter less than posting consistently. Posting several times a day and then changing to only a couple times a week will cause unfollows and lower your engagement per post. While you may be enthusiastic at the start of your marketing campaign, it’s better to choose a posting frequency that you can consistently maintain for the balance of your business’s life.

  2. Post at the best times.
    Knowing your audience means not only how often but also when. Use Instagram’s algorithmic timeline to help determine when your audience is the most receptive to your posts and decide to post at those times. Make a routine so your audience will see you and anticipate your posts. Tools and apps make publishing posts easier and more efficient, so schedule your Instagram photo or video posts in advance. That way you won’t have to think about forgetting to publish them or ensuring that you are near a computer at the times you will want them to appear.

  3. Use videos, live feeds, and Stories.
    Instagram started as a photo-sharing platform, but it has grown since then. Brands can now create many different types of content to engage their followers and to keep their numbers growing. The engagement for videos is growing faster than the engagement for still images, so you may want to switch up the kinds of posts you make. When you are live, you are featured at the front of the Stories feed, where more than 400 million people are viewing daily. You can try one of the many available tools that create interesting videos for the Instagram platform. Boomerang, for example, is one of the simplest and easiest to use and it allows you to connect with your followers in a very real way. You can film one-second video clips that reveal moments behind the scenes or show your product in a different light. Since there is no audio, there is no need to create dialogue or sound, making the process all about the visuals.

  4. Research and use worthy hashtags.
    Hashtags matter, but only the right hashtags matter. Choosing relevant hashtags for posts is crucial to creating top posts and avoiding the problem of sinking to the bottom of feeds. You should be focusing your effort and energy on building or tapping into a community that shares a common interest or passion. If yours is a unique industry, you may want to look at established hashtags that will connect users. The less generic you are, the more likely you are to target the audience you are looking for.

The number of hashtags and the manner in which you use them is also important. While Instagram allows you use up to 30, contextualizing the hashtags you use is critical. You want followers to understand how the hashtags fit with the content so that they do not seem arbitrary or random. A rule of thumb to follow is to ensure that you do not have more hashtags than content in any given post. You want your post to show up in the searches that will matter most.

  1. Try an app designed to help.
    SocialSteeze is one of the best Instagram growth services on the market. While some others do not get you real followers, SocialSteeze uses some of the most robust social media technology available to show you proven results. Targeted demographics can be geographic or by username. Detailed reports of results allow you to monitor and modify your marketing plan over time.

What are some other suggestions or tips you have for increasing your following? Feel free to comment below.