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Reason youths engage in fraud and ritual killings – Singer, M.I Abaga reveals



Jude Lemfani Abaga, better known as M.I Abaga, has stated reasons why youths are into fraud and ritualism.

As many have opined that the music industry and that of the Nollywood industry are one of the factors responsible for the criminal acts of Nigerian youths, musician, M.I Abaga has stated otherwise.

The Rapper had stated that Nigerian youths are not lazy, but the fault is the government.

The rapper revealed this during an interview with DAILY POST on the sideline of Ogun TechSummit, organized by Olaniyi Ayoola, an IT expert in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital.

According to him, the unemployment rate is one of the causes of Yahoo-Yahoo and ritual killings.

When engaged on why some Nigerian youths have decided to engage in heinous crimes instead of engaging in legal businesses, M.I stated that the cause was a result of the youths’ inability to secure jobs.

In his words;

The youths of Nigeria have been looking for jobs. For anyone to make a claim that they are lazy, the person must be able to look at the indices. You can’t just make that sort of conjecture without having the economic framework within which that’s true.

“You can’t say youths are lazy and don’t want to work if unemployment is high. The unemployment rate tells you that there are no jobs. If you look at the job market, you will see that there has been serious gross unemployment for a long time. Anytime that there’s gross unemployment, there’s also a tendency for there to be high crime rate, which is what we are experiencing.

“But the high crime rate is not the indication of young people’s attitudes. It’s an indication that there is an ecosystem where there is no opportunity for them to work.

“And, because they can’t work, and they have to eat, that’s why they have to find a means to survive. That is what we are experiencing in Nigeria today,”.

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