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Real Madrid earns same money as Premier League clubs — Tebas



Real Madrid earns same money as Premier League clubs -- Tebas

Disparity between La Liga and Premier League tv rights non-existent, La Liga president, Javier Tebas fumes.

In a recent statement, Javier Tebas, the president of La Liga, has launched a verbal attack on Real Madrid, suggesting that Carlo Ancelotti’s side earns a comparable amount to clubs in the Premier League.

Tebas, known for his outspoken nature, took the opportunity to address the ongoing debate surrounding La Liga’s television rights and the financial benefits derived from them.

Tebas’s comments were made in response to the long-standing questioning by Spanish clubs regarding the disparity between the revenue generated from La Liga’s television rights and that of their English counterparts. He specifically targeted Real Madrid, insinuating that the club tends to complain excessively about this issue. Tebas stated, “Our clubs, when it comes to national television, earn the same as those in the Premier League. Madrid cries a lot and they cry a lot… but it is not true, they earn the same as those in the Premier.”

The La Liga president emphasized the financial success of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, indicating that they consistently rank among the world’s highest-earning clubs. Tebas added, “That is why when the teams with the highest income in the world come out, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona come out first. I don’t know what else they want.”

Real Madrid’s recent elimination from the UEFA Champions League semi-finals at the hands of Premier League champions Manchester City seems to have fueled Tebas’s comments.

The Spanish giants suffered a comprehensive 4-0 defeat at the Etihad Stadium, bringing their European campaign to an abrupt end.

The ongoing debate regarding television rights and club earnings in La Liga versus the Premier League has been a contentious issue. Spanish clubs have often expressed concerns over the financial disparity between the two leagues, with Premier League clubs consistently outearning their La Liga counterparts. Tebas’s comments, while aimed at Real Madrid, reflect a broader frustration within Spanish football about the financial imbalance between the leagues.

It remains to be seen how Real Madrid and other Spanish clubs will respond to Tebas’s remarks.

As the debate over television rights and earnings continues, the focus on bridging the financial gap between La Liga and the Premier League is likely to persist in the foreseeable future.