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Read ways Lanre Bisiriyu highlighted on how to curb cultism in Ogun state



Lanre Bisiriyu, former Head of Service in Ogun State and the national president of the Egba High School Old Students’ Association, spoke about cultism in Ogun state during the commissioning of school hostels built by the 1980 class of alumni of the school on Tuesday.

He highlighted ways to eradicate cultism which involve efforts of parents, alumni association as well as the government.

He said while the government is trying to play its role, the old students association and the school management must help to solve the menace of cultism in primary and secondary schools.

He said, “The solution is multidimensional. Don’t forget that the issue of cultism is a national tragedy.

“For us to address it, you know the governor of the state, Prince Dapo Abiodun, the way he spoke about it, you will see his commitment to make sure that cultism is quenched in our schools.

“Government cannot do it alone. When old students come in, it is also to look at the architecture of their own school. Look at the interaction between the school management and the students and see what to do to discourage cultism in your own school.

“You will also see that it is not limited. We also try as much as possible to bring in some notable clubs like the Rotary club. They will also come to preach against cultism.

“And we take our time, set by set, to address the students. Some of these students are doing cultism out of ignorance.

“Another aspect is the parents. We hope that by the time the parents, the school management and old students play their roles; the government is always ready to support.”

Also speaking, one of the alumni, Esther Olabisi, said the project was to revive the glory of the school.

The alumna lamented the poor state of the structure of the school and moral decadence among the students, adding that cultism is a condemnable act, urging the students to stay away from.

“We just want to take the school to the standard and the way it was when we were here.

“So, that is one of the reasons we said we need to restore the boarding facility. If we restore it, it will then mean the students can go through the process of entrance exams then, we can choose the best for this school.

“That was one of the reasons why we said we should do this.

“Sadly, it (cultism) has come to the secondary school as well and one of the suggestions that we had made is any child that will attend this school, they need to make a commitment and sign an undertaking,” Olabisi said.