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Public outcry over FEAP application issues



Public outcry over FEAP application issues

Nigerians have expressed growing frustration with the Family Economic Advancement Programme (FEAP) due to difficulties submitting application forms before the closing date and unresponsive support for NIN verification issues.

Despite paying ₦645 for NIN verification, many applicants have not seen the payment effected and have not received feedback from FEAP support.

Public outcry over FEAP application issues

The Family Economic Advancement Programme (FEAP), designed to empower Nigerian families for economic self-sufficiency and social integration, has come under fire as many cannot complete the application process. Users report encountering issues after updating their National Identity Number (NIN) as required.

At the beginning of the application form, a message indicates the necessity of NIN: “NIN is a major requirement for the Family Economic Advancement Programme (FEAP). Fill the details below and update your NIN to continue with the application.” However, applicants are often unable to proceed with their applications, leading to widespread frustration.

After attempting to submit the form, users receive another message: “If you have updated your National Identity Number and yet you are unable to continue your application, please send NIN and RRR number to” Despite following these instructions, many applicants have not received a response, even after sending emails since July 4th.

Public outcry over FEAP application issues

However, the ongoing application issues and unresponsive support have led many to question whether FEAP is a genuine empowerment initiative or a scam.

As criticism mounts, the masses are demanding accountability and transparency from FEAP, urging authorities to address the application and payment issues promptly.

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