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Pray For Wizkid — Social Media user shares disturbing update



Pray For Wizkid -- Social Media user shares worrying nightmare

Nigeria’s music sensation, Wizkid, has recently caused concerns among fans after sharing enigmatic messages on Instagram that have led to speculation about his emotional state.

The alarm was further heightened when an Instagram user, @adeoye_sam_kay, shared a disturbing nightmare involving the renowned artist. The revelation triggered an outpouring of prayers and expressions of concern for Wizkid’s safety and well-being.

The discussion began when Wizkid took to Twitter to contemplate the existential search for “tomorrow” in life. In a cryptic tweet, he wrote, “Wait. Never mind. Actually mind!! na so I dream ooo say tomorrow no dey. all of us come together dey find ‘tomorrow’.” These introspective musings raised eyebrows and led some netizens to question whether something was amiss with the beloved musician. Responding to a fan who shared the sentiment and questioned the need to continue their efforts for the day, Wizkid humorously acknowledged, “Omo no be only me dey mad for ya o.”

While some social media users interpreted Wizkid’s posts as part of his creative process or influenced by substances like marijuana, one concerned individual, Adeoye, stepped forward to emphasize the seriousness of the situation.

Adeoye revealed that he had a distressing dream involving Wizkid, in which the artist appeared lifeless following a tragic incident caused by an unidentified attacker. He pleaded with Nigerians to keep Wizkid in their prayers, expressing his belief that such a calamity should never befall the acclaimed superstar.

“Pray for him, please. I had a bad dream concerning him overnight. It won’t happen to him in Jesus’ name,” Adeoye earnestly appealed to fellow social media users.

Since Adeoye’s tweet, various social media platforms have been abuzz with discussions surrounding Wizkid’s well-being and the significance of the dream. Netizens have expressed a range of reactions, with some approaching the dreamer skeptically, questioning the authenticity and significance of his nightmare. However, others have responded with heartfelt prayers, conveying their concerns and offering unwavering support to the music icon during this troubling time.

As news of this nightmare continues to spread, fans and well-wishers around the world fervently hope that Wizkid remains safe and protected from any harm.

This incident serves as a poignant reminder of the deep emotional connection fans share with their favorite artists, showcasing the power of social media to unite and rally support in moments of concern.