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Police Sergeant supposedly fakes own Kidnap



It’s one of those odd stories that pop up out of the blue as Naomi Danlami, a Police Sergeant in Abuja is detained by the police on suspicion of having faked her own kidnap to extort ransom from unsuspecting well-wishers.

The suspicion comes on the back of Danlami posting her engagement announcement on Facebook only for reports of her abduction coming up the following day in a Facebook group she engaged in.

From the source who had spoken with FIJ, when the policewoman’s family rang her phone number, her supposed abductors talked about rather wanting to kill her than for the money.

But according to a source who alleged that Danlami prior to being kidnapped, had possessed a history of criminal behavior, which in a way had made many to doubt the authenticity of the kidnap story. The source spoke of how the police woman couldn’t be trusted due to the kind of lifestyle she led.

As efforts to secure her release intensified, the Inspector-General of Police, Usman Baba-Alkali also got wind of the story and according to reports, had ordered the Police Intelligence Response Team (IRT) to capture Danlami’s kidnappers.

When the Police had got into their investigations, it was uncovered that her last known where about was Nasarawa State only for the police woman to show up on Saturday,

Danlami from the reports claimed to have escaped her captors after suffering days of molestation. But suspicions further fell on her when she proceeded to resume work almost immediately.

“We all thought that if she was kidnapped and molested in addition, the first thing for her to do was go to a hospital for examination and possible treatment, not to show up at work straightaway,” a source had alleged.

Her resumption to work led to the police detaining her as they carried on with further investigations.

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