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Police Officer slaps Senior Officer over traffic delay



Police Officer slaps Senior Officer over traffic delay

A police corporal recently took out his annoyance on the wrong citizen during a traffic delay at the Simbiat Abiola Way, Ikeja, Lagos when he violently reacted on a senior officer also of the police force.

Eye witness account states that the Senior Officer had tried to caution a Keke rider who had tried making his way past some vehicles leading to a congestion and traffic delay.

The junior officer who had been in another vehicle and had witnessed what was happening, made it to the scene and reacted violently on the senior officer for the traffic delay.

Bystanders who witnessed the incident on Saturday alleged that the police corporal had proceeded to slap and punch the Supol Edgar; a senior officer in the police force despite Edgar repeatedly telling him he was also in the force.

It is believed that the police corporal had no inclination that Edgar was his superior and that he resided in a police barrack close to the scene and attempts by Edgar to inform the junior officer fell on deaf ears.

Police Officer slaps Senior Officer over traffic delay

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Another witness as quoted by PUNCH revealed:

“I was controlling traffic when I saw a man arguing with someone in the tricycle. I approached him to know what was happening but he refused to answer me. I left him to continue what I was doing. It was later that I saw that traffic had started building up and by the time I went back to check what caused it, I saw both of them dragging each other.”

Witness accounts alleged that the corporal was eventually dealt with before taken to the barracks as he was stripped of his clothes.

The State Police Public Relations Officer, Benjamin Hundeyin denied any knowledge of the incident when the news was reported to him.

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