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Police arrests two after raping 15-year-old girl Twice in one Day



Policemen have arrested two men after a teenage was raped twice on the same day.

The girl, who was reported to be 15, has been confirmed to be a 14-year-old, according to CNN.

The girl had walked with a friend to a train station, where she was led away to a secluded area and raped by an unknown man.

After walking away from the first incident, she was again raped by a man after she flagged down his car for help.

The two arrests made are said to be relating to the first incident in the train station.

The two men arrested are said to be aged 35 and 27.

Detective Chief Inspector of the British Transport Police said significant developments had been made in the case after police released CCTV footage.

Police is still seeking information that could lead to the arrest of the second man whose car was flagged down.

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