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Please, hear me out—Graeme Souness explains his Controversial comment



Please, hear me out—Graeme Souness explains comment

Graeme Souness is often known for his headline breaking commentary during post-match analysis of football games in that he often makes one liners that somewhat may prove amusing or controversial in the least.

He is famed for his jibes on former Manchester United player, Paul Pogba as the pundit is often times heard criticizing the player during his time at Man United.

But recently, it wasn’t his comments on Paul Pogba that drags the internet nor a sarcastic remark on a player but a statement that seems to annoy the liberal world for its sexist undertone.

Speaking in response to the 2-2 draw between Chelsea and Tottenham in which the game had every gravitas of emotion, the former Liverpool manager praised the lenient approach of referee Anthony Taylor in the game.

“Referees are letting a lot more go and it makes for a better watch. We’ve all played the game, with simulation and people throwing themselves into the ground. I haven’t seen that in the two games today. It’s a man’s game all of a sudden now.” He said.

Please, hear me out—Graeme Souness explains comment

In doing so, he attracted criticism for his use of the words ‘man’s game’, provoking the England women’s team.

Replying to his critics, Graeme Souness, explained his statement later on saying:

“Not a word of it. Let me explain. I’ve been advocating for years that the referees have such a major part to play in the success of the Premier League,

“We’ve got to be careful what we say today and I’ve not been very good at that, but we were becoming like other leagues.” Souness added.

“They were blowing the whistle all the time and it wasn’t a good watch. Our game has always been unique, more meaty, more in your face and more intense and we got away from that.

“My comments yesterday were saying we’ve got our game back. That is the kind of football I remember playing in.” the former Liverpool player clarified.

“We’ve got to be better for it. The directive to the referees is long overdue, we’ve got our game back. I enjoyed two games of football yesterday where men were playing men and they got about themselves and were falling out with each other.

“Okay, I don’t think we should be condoning the thing on the touchline, but I’ve been there. If you are on the touchline and things aren’t going your way and you feel there’s been an injustice. You’ve worked all week for these 90 minutes.”