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Peter Okoye’s SUV transformed into Something else



Recall that MTV Base show called ‘Pimp my ride’ where certain cars are brought in and reshaped to look like something else; something very different from its original outlook.

Well, Froshtech Automotive, a Lagos based Celebrity mechanic has followed that footstep in retouching cars and fine tuning them into something else.

And who better to that with than Peter Okoye of the former P Square?

The auto mechanic had a lot of work done on Peter Okoye’s Jeep Wrangler SUV to become something very different from what the music star was used to.

Froshtech turned the SUV into a gloss black and red accented vehicle with hot new custom wheels that featured new headlights and side mirrors that were given a tint of yellow.

The new creation now stands out from the crowd with its new Gloss black/red accents and new custom wheels.

The automobile mechanic also gave the car new fenders and a refurbished suspension system which Peter Okoye took quite the liking to.

He shared the pimped ride on his Instagram handle, admiring the work done on the SUV model.

“OMG! 😳…. See how they transformed my Car! This guys are amazing! Too much talent is Naija🇳🇬👌🏾🤗 Thank you so much @froshtech 🙏🏽🙃🙃🙃🙃 🏁” he wrote while sharing the video.

Perhaps Froshtech should get a call from MTV Base so he can lecture them on the methods to pimp a ride into quite the beast.

They only need recommendation from the video Peter Okoye posted on his transformed ride to convince them.