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Peter Okoye ready to fight for Nigeria but reveals he has other alternatives to Nigeria



Peter Okoye ready to fight for Nigeria even though has other options
Peter Okoye

Peter Okoye ready to fight for Nigeria even though has other options

If there’s any Nigerian celebrity that is very vocal about the Nigerian political scene, it’s Peter Okoye of the now defunct P-Square.

The music icon hasn’t hidden what his opinions are of the country and where his stand lies. He has been a loud advocate of Peter Obi’s campaign for Presidency in Nigeria.

Aside that, the singer has revealed he has other options that may not include Nigeria to begin with, which is somewhat a straight up reaction to critics.

The Popular Nigerian singer reveals that should worse come to worse, he already counts himself a blessed man, and could very much relocate from the country with his family.

The singer, shared that he already has another home in the United States; 2 to be specific.

Peter Okoye revealed this during a live chat while replying to fans and critics alike, while speaking about the forthcoming 2023 general elections, specifically the presidential poll.

Speaking in pidgin, he added that he has nothing to lose if he chooses another option aside Nigeria.

“My brother look at me, I don belle full. If e happen ehn, I get second home.” He revealed.

Peter Okoye ready to fight for Nigeria even though has other options

“When I talk second home, when I talk say I get second home, e no dey Naija o. I have two houses in America so forget it. I will go there and move my family but I no want that; no be the level wey we suppose go. I do not want that.

“Let’s take back our country, we dey here. I no get anything to lose because I dey see wetin some people dey talk online. I no get anything to lose. God don bless me. I am blessed; I hear some people say, ‘No be for Lagos you make am?’ I ask them back, ‘Why dem no make am for Lagos?’. You don make am?”

The celebrity does have a valid point if considered. He is very much privileged compared to a number of the country’s citizens who he feels he is politically fighting for.

He believes if the citizens themselves don’t fight for the country, it won’t affect him that much like it would do them.

In other words, Peter tells Nigerians he is no fool for having a political opinion or sharing it.