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Peter Obi is just a petty trader—Joe Igbokwe mocks



Peter Obi is just a petty trader—Joe Igbokwe mocks

Peter Obi is just a petty trader—Joe Igbokwe mocks

The 2023 Presidential election draws ever so close by the day, and with it comes the theatrics by politicians, and at this hour, Labor Party flag bearer, Peter Obi is the centre of the joke.

The former Anambra State Governor has seen himself become the centre piece of critics and criticisms specifically from opposition party members.

This time, it is the turn of APC chieftain, Joe Igbokwe to have a bite or two at the Presidential aspirant and his aspirations.

The All Progressives Congress party member ridiculed Peter Obi’s anti-infrastructure comment.

The politician proceeded to tag the Presidential aspirant as overrated.

Joe Igbokwe recounted the recent comments Obi made where he condemned President Muhammadu Buhari’s system of stimulating the economy through infrastructure.

The former Anambra State governor had said:

“You can’t use infrastructure to drive economic growth. You invest in education and the SME (Small, Medium Enterprises) sector instead to deal with poverty.”

In response, the APC party member rebuked via his Facebook page:

“Somebody who wants to be the President of Nigeria is telling you that infrastructure does not drive the economy in the 21st Century and you are taking that person seriously. Peter [Obi] is overrated in Nigeria. He is just a trader.

“Obiano built the Anambra International Airport, built the Awka flyover bridge. Which one did Mr Obi build in 8 years?” the chieftain slammed.

Day by day, the Nigerian political scene keeps gifting Nigerians the entertainment they deserve.