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Perfect Excuse to Win the Premier League But Not Our Focus–Saka



Perfect Excuse to Win the Premier League But Not Our Focus--Saka

If anyone had wagered Arsenal to be in the talks for Premier League glory or challenge this season, it very much wasn’t avid English Premier League fans, and of course certainly not Bukayo Saka himself.

This whole season has taken the world by the storm specifically for the Premier league chase as expected title favorites, Liverpool and Manchester City have been way off this season from what they potentially used to be in prior season, with an unexpected name sitting top of the food chain.

Is it a possibility? For Bukayo Saka, it is the perfect opportunity and an excuse to actually nab this thing from the favorites.

Bukayo Saka, an Arsenal winger, acknowledged that the team now has a “fantastic possibility” to win the Premier League championship this year after securing a seven-point advantage.

On New Year’s Eve, Saka scored in the Gunners’ 4-2 victory over Brighton, while Pep Guardiola’s team was restricted to a 1-1 draw against Everton at home.

Saka told the media following the game, “[The seven-point advantage] sounds wonderful.

“Of course at the start of the season if you asked us if we wanted this we would bite your hand off.

“It is a great opportunity we have [to win the Premier League title] – a great place we have put ourselves in.

“We are not focusing on that now.”

The high-flying Newcastle United, who lost to Leeds United this past weekend, will face Arsenal in their next match.