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Pep Guardiola makes acting debut on American Tv series



Pep Guardiola makes acting debut on American Tv series

For one thing, Pep Guardiola is not your average football manager, he has other skillsets too.

In a surprising turn of events, renowned Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has made his much-awaited acting debut in the hit TV series, Ted Lasso.

Guardiola’s appearance in season three, episode 11 of the popular US comedy-drama has left fans in awe, sparking discussions about potential accolades for his outstanding performance alongside Jason Sudeikis.

The episode features Guardiola following a fictional 2-0 defeat of his Manchester City side by AFC Richmond at the Etihad Stadium. On the touchline, Guardiola approaches Ted Lasso, the show’s main character and AFC Richmond’s manager, to offer his congratulations on a “good game.” Lasso responds with admiration, stating, “I gotta be honest with ya, you’re a tough guy to beat, man.”

What ensues is a captivating exchange that undoubtedly showcases Guardiola’s acting prowess, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating recognition for his talent at next year’s Oscars.

With a trademark smirk, Guardiola delivers a memorable line: “Nah, don’t worry about the wins or losses. Just help these guys be the best version of themselves on and off the pitch. This, at the end, is the most important thing.”

Shortly after the scene, Pep Guardiola shares the screen with AFC Richmond’s forward Jamie Tart, a former City player who now plays alongside Roy Kent and Dani Rojas at ‘The Dog Track.’

The internet erupted with excitement following Guardiola’s cameo appearance in Ted Lasso, with fans taking to social media to express their delight.

One fan exclaimed, “Pep deserves an Emmy for this,” while another commented, “Bro wins the Premier League with three games to spare, gets into an FA Cup and Champions League final, and still has time to complete a side quest. Different breed.”

Another fan weighed in, proclaiming, “Officially the greatest show of all time, no cap,” while a fourth humorously added, “Ted Lasso has won more games against Pep Guardiola this season than Mikel Arteta.”

Jason Sudeikis, the actor who portrays Ted Lasso, expressed his appreciation for the positive response the series has received from Premier League teams.

He shared, “More often than not, we’ve heard back [about the series] from the coaches, which is even more flattering because they could think that I was taking the p***, as they say over there. And the fact that they’ve embraced it and some feel influenced and inspired by it is really flattering. That’s as shocking to me as any hope that people get from our fun little comedy show.”

Guardiola’s memorable acting cameo on the touchline in Ted Lasso has captivated audiences, further solidifying the show’s reputation as a must-watch.

Fans eagerly await future episodes to see if there will be further appearances from football personalities, while praising Guardiola’s performance and expressing their anticipation for potential recognition in the form of prestigious awards.

One thing is for sure, the back of Guardiola’s head was definitely not the only highlight of his screen debut.