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Pep Guardiola goes on an angry rant against the Premier League



Pep Guardiola goes on an angry rant against the Premier League

Despite clinching a 4th UEFA Super Cup trophy of his career, Pep Guardiola wasn’t too pleased with the premier league in his post-match press conference after the 5-4 victory.

In a sly jab at the Premier League organizers, the Manchester City manager took it upon himself to hit at the fixture congestion going into their next game on Saturday against Newcastle United.

Pep Guardiola criticized the league for choosing not shift the date of the Etihad fixture to Sunday or a Monday to allow players recovery time following the Wednesday Super Cup tie versus Sevilla.

Fair play to the former Barcelona boss, Manchester City were noticeably weaker against their La Liga opponents when both teams clashed in Athens, and it only took the second half play for the team to get in on the action.

Using sarcasm to highlight his points in the press conference, Pep Guardiola said:

“Of course, tomorrow we will be even happier than today, recovering [having had] not one drop of alcohol.

“[We need to] recover as much as possible because, again, from Greece, thank you so much to the Premier League for letting us play on Saturday, and not on Sunday and Monday. Thank you so much.”

Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp have for long been the number one critics of fixture congestion by the premier league schedule.

Klopp notably has raised his voice far too often in criticism of the premier league, FIFA for condemning players to too much football in a season, thus risking injuries on the players who have to perform at a high standard.

On the Super Cup victory Guardiola noted that his team weren’t at their best but admitted the best moment was knowing the team’s mentality:

“I would say of course we are not in the best, best moment but knowing the players and the mentality of the backroom staff, I had a feeling that we will try.

“We are really pleased to have already one title in this season. I am really pleased for the club – this title we didn’t have and now we have it. A tight game like this happened in the [Champions League] final against Inter.

“We also lost a tight game in the last minute against Arsenal [in the Community Shield]. Football in these stages, at that moment, is a coin [flip].

“Now it is just one thing to finish full circle and have all the titles this club can have. It’s happening in December when we go to Saudi Arabia to play the [Club] World Cup.” the Spaniard finalized.