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Pele’s Health Condition Reportedly Worsens



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According to a statement from the Albert Einstein Hospital, Pele, the legendary Brazilian football player, is improving after receiving treatment for a lung infection.

They also refuted the claim that the 82-year Old’s condition has gotten worse during the last 24 hours.

It read in part:

“He is still undergoing treatment and his health condition remains stable. He is responding well to care for a respiratory infection, and his condition has not changed in the last 24 hours.”

Pele is receiving cancer treatment at the hospital and has been there since Tuesday.

According to the hospital, the football icon is receiving chemotherapy for cancer as well as medication to combat an infection.

Pele had a colon tumor removed in September 2021 and has since been in and out of the hospital.

The world could still use more of the great man, Pele and the whole of social media is rife with goodwill and get well soon message for the iconic Brazilian.