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Pastors preaching holiness are vampires, Prophet Joshua Iginla declares



Pastors preaching holiness are vampires, Prophet Joshua Iginla declares
Prophet Joshua Iginla

The General Overseer of Champions Royal Assembly in Abuja, Prophet Joshua Iginla has criticised the “high level of wickedness” within the body of Christ in Nigeria.

Speaking during a sermon in his church, Prophet Iginla declared that the pastors who preach holiness are vampires stating that those who might miss heaven the most are not church members but the pastors and leaders in the church.

The clergyman also criticised the level of hate that exists among Christians, which he stated, is becoming a cause of concern.

In accordance with him, a person can walk into a mosque to pray and will not be afraid, but a person will stay around pastors and be afraid of being poisoned.

Iginla said, “The enemy of a pastor is a pastor. When Jesus said a man’s enemy comes from his own household. Sometimes we think the devil is in hell, but they are sitting close to us or around us and we do not know.

“The early disciples will say Maranatha, he comes. The reason why we do not have Maranatha in the lips of Christians is that there is wickedness. We speak in tongues and we do wickedness. We pray and we do wickedness. We fast and we do wickedness.

“The greatest people who will miss heaven might not even be members, it might be pastors. I have seen the reason why it is so difficult to win more souls in this end time. It is because the altar has been polluted and broken. The utterances are lectures. The words are hypocrisy; the souls are tied to wickedness. The spirit of the Lord has left the church. Ichabod has actually taken place.

“The ones who preach holiness are vampires. The ones you think are righteous, they have so much schemed it you will never see blood in their mouth.

“It is in the body of Christ that one pastor wants to be better than the other and will do anything to kill the other. You can walk to the mosque and pray and not feel afraid, but you can stay around pastors and be afraid to be poisoned.

“Sometimes I wonder about the heaven we go to. Wickedness is so high that some people will hate a prophet in his lifetime and even after God has called him home, they will hate him.”

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