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“Our fault for making players like Osimhen feel like gods” — Marika Fruscio



"Our fault for making players like Osimhen feel like gods" -- Marika Fruscio

The PR spin is about to come spinning against Victor Osimhen as Italian Television Host, Mariko Fruscio comes at the Napoli striker for his reaction to the TikTok clip that has taken a life of its own.

Italian TV host and prominent football reporter Marika Fruscio has launched a scathing critique of Napoli’s star striker, Victor Osimhen, for his recent actions on social media.

Osimhen’s decision to remove all Napoli-related content from his Instagram page has sparked controversy, with Fruscio accusing him of lacking humility and professionalism.

"Our Fault" -- Italian TV host, Marika Fruscio slams Victor Osimhen

The incident that triggered this public exchange stemmed from a TikTok video posted on Napoli’s official social media account, which mockingly highlighted Osimhen’s missed penalty against Bologna.

Understandably, the Super Eagles striker was deeply upset by the video and promptly took down all posts related to Napoli from his social media profiles, while also hinting at potential legal action.

"You don't deserve that" -- Piers Morgan to Victor Osimhen

Marika Fruscio, known for her presence as a TV personality, Instagram celebrity, and sports reporter, did not mince words when addressing Osimhen‘s actions.

She took to her own Instagram page to share a photo of the Nigerian striker along with a lengthy caption, in which she questioned the wisdom of his choices and emphasized the importance of professionalism.

Fruscio’s Instagram post read:

“You are a champion, but it takes humility. What’s the use of deleting the photos of the team that worshiped and supported you?

“What’s the point of reacting this way?? Considering legal action over a sarcastic video? A wise person would have taken it in stride. Be the professional.

“Keep your head down and work hard. It’s partly our fault for elevating these players to almost godlike status… Remember, it’s just the shirt that matters, just the shirt.”