Osun State Governor, Senator Ademola Adeleke, has expressed his commitment to incorporating technology to improve learning in public secondary schools.

The governor made this announcement during the presentation of instructional materials to students of secondary schools in the state, which took place in Osogbo on Monday.

Adeleke stated that the technology would assist both students and teachers and would help to enhance the learning environment in schools.

Adeleke acknowledged that previous attempts to introduce technological innovations to schools in the state had failed. He attributed the failure to the rejection of expert advice.

The Osun State governor, however, emphasized that the availability of the instructional materials is a temporary measure to tackle students’ failure in national examinations.

He noted that the application of technology would provide better and more sustainable solutions.

In his speech, Adeleke called on the Ministries of Education and Science and Innovation to explore the possibility of introducing tablets to the senior secondary school level.

He stated that this would help to address the increasing cost of purchasing books and enhance Osun State’s readiness for e-learning.

The governor’s proposal to incorporate technology in public schools is a commendable step towards enhancing the quality of education in the state.

He said, “a more trending solution is to apply technology in our schools. In the past, application of tech innovations in schools failed due to failure to abide by best practice.

Administrators then abandoned expert advice, hence the failure of such innovations.

“Our government is ready to infuse technology to aid learning, to assist teachers and to improve the learning environment.

“Part of the reason for failure at national examinations is lack of familiarity with computer systems.

“Majority of our students are not able to use computers until a few days before their examinations.

“Unfortunately, most examinations are now computer based. Upgrading students’ computer skills is therefore one of the major goals of my administration.”