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Osinbajo Takes On Fresh International Assignment



Osinbajo Takes On Fresh International Assignment

Soon-to be-former Vice President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, has been appointed as the Chairman of the Commonwealth Observer Group (COG) tasked with observing the general election in Sierra Leone on June 24.

The announcement was made by the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, Patricia Scotland, who expressed her appreciation for Osinbajo’s acceptance of the role.

As the Chairman of the Commonwealth Observer Group, Osinbajo will lead a team of experts in monitoring the general election in Sierra Leone. The team will include professionals from diverse fields such as law, media, gender, and election administration.

The primary objective of the group is to assess whether the conditions exist for credible, transparent, inclusive, and fair elections, while also examining the impartiality of the media in its coverage of the election process.

Scotland commended Osinbajo’s willingness to undertake the important responsibility despite his busy schedule and the ongoing transition of his government. She highlighted Osinbajo’s extensive understanding of the challenges faced in West Africa, considering his position as a senior statesman in the region. Scotland expressed confidence in Osinbajo’s leadership, stating, “I am confident he will lead a brilliant team.”

In response to his appointment, Osinbajo expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to chair the Commonwealth observer group. He acknowledged the honor and emphasized his commitment to contributing his expertise and experience to strengthen democracy in Africa and, by extension, the Commonwealth.

“I’m highly honored by the unique opportunity to continue to bring my expertise and experience in contributing to deepening democracy, especially in Africa, and the Commonwealth by extension,” Osinbajo stated.

Osinbajo’s new international assignment comes as he prepares to leave office as Vice President of Nigeria on May 29, 2023, with the transition to a new administration. His role as the Chairman of the Commonwealth Observer Group signifies a continuation of his commitment to promoting democratic values and processes, particularly within Africa.

The Commonwealth Observer Group’s involvement in the upcoming general election in Sierra Leone highlights the organization’s dedication to ensuring transparent and inclusive electoral processes across its member countries. Through the expertise and impartial assessment of the group, the Commonwealth aims to contribute to the advancement of democratic principles and practices in Sierra Leone and beyond.

As Osinbajo assumes this significant international role, the Nigerian public will eagerly anticipate his contributions to fostering democracy and facilitating free and fair elections in Sierra Leone.

His appointment serves as a testament to his reputation as a respected statesman and a valuable asset to regional and international initiatives aimed at promoting democratic governance.