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Olu Jacobs: Which do we believe?



Olu Jacobs: Which do we believe?

Just at about 30 minutes past 3’O Clock, the internet riled the space that famed Nollywood veteran, Olu Jacobs had passed away. However, a few minutes later, the rumors turned out to be what they were; rumors and a hoax.

Founder of Genevieve Magazine, Betty Irabor, took it upon herself to refute the reports that had left the Nigerian scene in awe. Social media like always was abuzz with claims that the esteemed actor had died at the age of 82 with tributes already flying in.

Olu Jacobs, who has been battling dementia, was the subject of false reports regarding his demise. Irabor took to Twitter to clear the air, stating, “Olu Jacobs is well and alive. Please ignore all rumours of his passing.”

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In addition to Irabor’s statement, Jacobs’ family has released a video to dispel the rumors and demonstrate that the actor is very much alive. This follows ongoing public interest in his health, particularly after his wife, Joke Silva, disclosed last year the significant impact of his illness on their lives.

Silva in 2021 had disclosed that her husband was facing health challenges, saying, in quote then;

“It hasn’t been easy. There was a point of acceptance for me that everything happening is reality and it is like the person I married, 80 per cent of the time is no longer there.”