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Oliver Kahn couldn’t hold back Laughter following Champions League draw



Oliver Kahn finds Champions League draw laughable

Ever since the 8-2 fiasco, Barcelona vs. Bayern Munich has become quite the Champions League rivalry that has amused the Bayern fan base, specifically Oliver Kahn.

Oliver Kahn who now serves as Bayern Munich’s CEO, was present for the Champions League draws and couldn’t help but laugh when Barcelona were paired in the same group as Bayern Munich.

It seemed that the former goalkeeper knew it was coming and when it did, it wasn’t so much a shock but one for humor.

Even player, Thomas Muller, saw the humor in it and had to rush in a post on his social media handles to comment how fate had brought the two together again.

Oliver Kahn finds Champions League draw laughable

A lot of story will go down in the match, considering it brings back former player, Robert Lewandowski to Bayern Munich again, and with Muller commenting prior to the draws about the prospects of facing Lewandowski again, it adds flavor to the tale.

The Group C fixture sees Barcelona, Inter Milan and Viktoria Plzen in a death match with Bayern Munich in a group now dubbed the ‘Group of Death’, with Viktoria Plzen the unlucky ones.

Bayern Munich vs. Barcelona has so far become a tradition in the Champions League ever since the 8-2 grubbing of the Catalans in the 2019/20 season.

Oliver Kahn while reacting to the draw jokingly said: “It was so obvious… so obvious. Of course we’d get Barcelona in our group!”

Oliver Kahn finds Champions League draw laughable

Neuer, who has played against Barcelona numerous times in recent years, noted that the fixture will draw ‘two great clubs’ playing in ‘two great stadiums’ together again.

“Barcelona and Inter will be tough. Two great clubs, two great stadiums. It’s also nice that we’ll play against Lewandowski,” Neuer said.

For Bayern Munich coach Nagelsmann, the most striking feature of the tie would be facing former striker Lewandowski again as it be the first time they would have the Polish striker facing off against them in the fixture.

Oliver Kahn finds Champions League draw laughable Oliver Kahn finds Champions League draw laughable

“Barcelona? The first thing that comes to mind is the story with Lewandowski. I hope we can achieve similar results as we did against Barça in recent years.” Nagelsmann said.

The first Match day of the 2022/23 UEFA Champions League campaign is set to kick off on Tuesday and Wednesday which would be September 6 and 7.