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Ole Gunnar Solksjaer slams Modern day footballers



Ole Gunnar Solksjaer slams Modern day footballers


Former Manchester United manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, has taken a swipe at certain players at the club, labeling them as “snowflakes” and suggesting that they wouldn’t have thrived under the reign of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Solskjaer, who spent 11 seasons as a player at Manchester United before returning as the manager in December 2018, was relieved of his duties three years later. During a Q&A session on Friday, the Norwegian drew comparisons between his playing days at Old Trafford and the current state of affairs at the club.

Recalling the camaraderie and character of the players he played alongside, Solskjaer expressed his frustration with what he perceives as a lack of mental toughness among some of the current squad members.

“The lads in that dressing room were absolutely fantastic,” Solskjaer stated.

He went on to express his concern that modern players are quick to involve external parties when faced with challenges or adversity. Solskjaer used the term “snowflakes” to describe individuals who, in his opinion, are too sensitive or fragile to cope with the demands and pressures of top-level football.

“If you do that to the boys now, they will get their dad, or their mum, or their agents… snowflakes,” Solskjaer remarked candidly.

Furthermore, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer questioned whether the current generation of players would have survived in the intense and competitive dressing room environment fostered under the legendary management of Sir Alex Ferguson.

He suggested that the robust character and resilience displayed by his former teammates would have posed a significant challenge for many of today’s players.

“Not many of today’s lot would have survived in that dressing room,” Solskjaer asserted.

The comments made by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer highlight the contrasting dynamics between the era in which he played and the present state of Manchester United’s squad.

While the former manager’s remarks may be seen as critical, they also reflect a longing for the qualities and mentality he experienced during his time as a player.

As Manchester United continues to navigate the challenges of modern football, it remains to be seen how the current crop of players will respond to Solskjaer’s critique and whether it will influence their approach and mindset moving forward.