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Obi-Datti Campaign Group Condemns Political Attacks in Lagos



Labour Party

The Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council (PCC) has condemned the alleged politically motivated attacks on citizens in parts of Lagos State.


The party claimed that the victims were believed to have voted for the Labour Party in the recent elections.

In a statement signed on Monday by the council’s Deputy Director General, Oseloka Obaze, the PCC decried the attack, which it described as “most regrettable.” The statement further condemned the singling out of citizens who exercised their constitutional rights to vote for candidates or parties of their choice.

The PCC also expressed its gratitude to its supporters and all Nigerians who exercised their fundamental rights to vote according to the dictates of their conscience. However, the party raised concerns about some irregularities in the elections in several states and vowed to follow due process to address its grievances while giving peace a chance.

According to the PCC, “We have to protect the peace while defending every vote. Governments at all levels must recommit to the constitutional responsibility to protect citizens within their territories regardless of their political leanings.”

It is important to note that election violence has been a recurrent issue in Nigeria’s democratic process. Political thugs often take advantage of the election season to perpetrate violence against their opponents and innocent citizens.

The Labour Party’s condemnation of the attacks and call for peaceful elections is a step in the right direction. The party’s commitment to addressing its grievances through constitutional means is commendable, and it sends a strong message to other political parties and stakeholders.

In conclusion, as Nigeria prepares for future elections, it is crucial for all stakeholders to prioritize peace and shun any form of violence. The government, political parties, and citizens must work together to ensure that the democratic process is peaceful, credible, and transparent. As young Nigerians, we have a role to play in promoting peaceful elections and holding our leaders accountable to their promises.

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