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Obasanjo takes liking into the Keke Business



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He is known as Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, the former President of Nigeria post Military era in 1999, and also at one time, Head of State during the military era, but not much is said about the man’s humor.

The former Nigeria President was recently pictured flexing his aged muscles behind the wheels of what Nigerians term the Keke, a tricycle many Nigerians use for transport.

The former politician was seen riding through the roads in the capital of his State in Abeokuta jovially picking up passengers to ride along with him.

Of course such sights will be sure to pique the interests of many Nigerians walking about the streets but the former Head of State played along with the humor though as he rode through.

Obasanjo takes liking into the Keke Business

Obasanjo takes liking into the Keke Business

The statesman was seen riding through the Moshood Abiola, NNPC Mega Station and a few other places much to the cheers and snapshots of curious citizens while a few joined him in the tricycle itself/

The event was sponsored occasion though to mark the OBJ @ 85 Free Keke Programme of the Youth Development Centre of Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library.

The former President during the event, left to the youths a message, appealing they should not to leave the country to the people messing it up and should take up available opportunities to make a difference.

“Things are not what they should be but youths, individually and collectively, must make contributions in order to make things the way they should be.” He said.

“If you leave things to those who are messing it up for you and who are saying you are the leaders of tomorrow, you will never have that tomorrow.

“God has given you innate ability to be what He wants you to be. If you make up your mind, God will help you and provide people who would help you,” he added.