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NODES 2021 Online Conference.




NODES is an online conference for developers using Neo4j. It is an acronym for Neo4j Online Developer Expo and Summit. The 2021 edition will be the third. The opening keynote will be delivered by Emil Eifrem.

The conference is scheduled to take place June 17. It will run all day and can be attended by experts and beginners. 

Free hands-on pre-NODES workshops, to get up to date with graph databases, are being organized. Each workshop is 2-hour long, they started on Monday 7th and will end on Friday, June 11th. A pre-NODES livestream will take place on June 17th. By signing up for NODES, you are automatically registered for the training. 

Aura instance is needed for sessions on June 8. To use a Neo4j Aura Free Tier instance, go to and register or log in. Accept the terms and conditions and submit this form to request an Aura Free Tier instance.

For the sessions on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday,  (June 7, 9, 10) you can use an Aura instance or a Neo4j Sandbox. Then on Friday, June 11 you follow the instructions on this site.