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“No one should listen to Sir Alex Ferguson” — Mark Goldbridge



"No one should listen to Sir Alex Ferguson" -- Mark Goldbridge

Manchester United fan, Mark Goldbridge is one opinionated YouTuber who doesn’t shy away from speaking his mind on his beloved club, and of course, he wouldn’t shy away from throwing legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson under the bus if it means well for the Old Trafford side.

Recently, the prominent YouTuber in one of his online rants, voiced strong opposition to the idea of Sir Alex Ferguson influencing the choice of the club’s next manager.

This reaction comes in response to reports suggesting that Ferguson, United’s most successful manager, has recommended Mauricio Pochettino as a potential replacement for current manager Erik ten Hag.

The past few weeks have been turbulent for Manchester United, with the club’s hierarchy deliberating over ten Hag’s future following a difficult second season.

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The Dutchman led United to their worst-ever Premier League finish and an early exit from the Champions League group stage, but also secured FA Cup glory, making him the first manager since Sir Alex Ferguson to win consecutive silverware after clinching the Carabao Cup last season.

Despite these achievements, speculation has emerged, particularly from reporter Graeme Bailey, that Ferguson has expressed a preference for Pochettino, having been a long-time admirer of the Argentine.

Sir Alex Ferguson reportedly even had dinner with Pochettino in 2016. However, recent updates from Team Talk indicate that United’s leadership no longer views Pochettino as a prime candidate for the managerial position. News sources have now confirmed that Erik ten Hag will retain his position as manager.

Goldbridge, known for his outspoken views, took to X (formerly Twitter) to criticize the prospect of heeding Ferguson’s advice.

“Just seen the Sir Alex is pushing for Poch rumour lol! Legend of the sport. Shouldn’t be listened to on the next manager though. Do these people even do their research? Didn’t work out well listening to Sir Matt. Didn’t work out with Sir Alex recommending Moyes,” Goldbridge tweeted.

His comments reference past instances where managerial recommendations from club legends did not pan out, including Sir Alex Ferguson’s endorsement of David Moyes, which ended in a disappointing tenure.