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No one can beat my Premier League record—Timo Werner



No one can beat my Premier League record—Timo Werner

Former Chelsea player, Timo Werner may have been the most criticized playing in the Premier League and during his Chelsea days, but the German ironically enough did keep some records that would be hard to be beaten.

Speaking after his exit, the RB Leipzig player talked about his struggles at Chelsea and what contributed in his failure at Stamford Bridge and the Premier League in general.

Timo Werner accounts to a few things including VAR rules and decisions and a dent in his confidence from missed chances.

According to him, these things would make it difficult for any Chelsea signing to beat the record that he kept regarding those lines.

No one can beat my Premier League record—Timo Werner

Werner explained that some open play missed chances and a number of VAR decisions against him severely impacted his confidence while putting on the Blue shirt.

The Germany international recently left Stamford Bridge this summer after spending only two years trying to adjust to the league.

The former no. 11 returned to his former club, RB Leipzig as he prepares for a new Bundesliga campaign this week.

“I had a few misses in my first year at Chelsea. Then I think I set a new record for VAR decisions against me – nobody will break that record anytime soon! All of that led to me losing confidence in my second year,” Werner said in an interview on returning to Red Bull Leipzig.

Timo Werner played 89 games for Chelsea and in those appearances he found the net 23 times, including 10 in the Premier League during his struggling time at the club.

The German had a lot of missed chances which if he had scored or had the VAR decisions counted, would have set a better record for the former Chelsea man.

And perhaps, he could have remained at the club now considering the only reason he left was to earn regular minutes ahead of the Qatar World Cup tournament.