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No care in the world: Yul Edochie shares Video with Judy Austin



No care in the world: Yul Edochie shares Video with Judy Austin

Renowned Nollywood actor Yul Edochie recently took to social media to share another heartwarming video featuring himself and his second wife, Judy Austin, amidst swirling divorce rumors surrounding his first wife, May.

Following their divorce after 18 years of marriage, May was granted full custody of their three children, leading to speculation about the end of their relationship. However, Yul Edochie has now responded to the divorce rumors, offering clarity on the matter.

In a video posted on his Facebook page on July 11, 2023, Yul Edochie can be seen alongside his heavily pregnant second wife, Judy Austin. The couple appeared joyous as they sat side by side in a car, singing together and openly displaying their affection for one another.

Yul Edochie shared the video with the caption, “Music moments with ISI MMILI: Yul Edochie and IJELE ODOGWU: Judy Austin.”

The video quickly garnered attention and prompted various reactions from social media users. Some individuals defended Yul Edochie’s actions, emphasizing that they do not have the right to judge his choices in his personal life.

They pointed out that if his previous marriage to May was not conducive to his well-being, he has the right to seek happiness elsewhere.

However, not all reactions were positive. Some critics expressed disapproval, suggesting that men should reward women who exhibit moral values, loyalty, and supportiveness, rather than offering undeserved rewards to those they deem unworthy.

Others called for Yul Edochie to finalize the divorce proceedings promptly, indicating their lack of interest in anything else.

While the video shared by Yul Edochie generated mixed reactions among netizens, it is clear that the actor and his second wife continue to embrace their affectionate bond publicly.

As discussions surrounding their relationship and the divorce rumors persist, further updates may shed light on the future of Yul Edochie’s personal life.