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Nnamdi Kanu Denies Ordering Sit At Home, Throws IPOB Under the Bus



Nnamdi Kanu: Intimidation Tactics Has To Stop—Brother Reacts

Secessionist leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu through a statement released by his team has denied ordering a sit at home in the Southeast region of Nigeria contrary to reports alleged of an intended sit at home.

Nnamdi Kanu claimed that in the Southeast, insurgents are executing the order to stay at home.

The secessionist leader on his part has built himself quite the feared reputation within the auspices of the Nigerian government, with Nnamdi Kanu repeatedly defying the odds set on him by the government in legal sittings despite his utterances in public.

At the Department of State Services, DSS, facility in Abuja, he revealed through his legal team, which is headed by Ifeanyi Ejiofor, his primary attorney that he hasn’t ordered a sit at home.

Kanu’s denial came after a five-day sit-at-home directive from Simon Ekpa, his self-described pupil stationed in Finland.

According to Ejiofor’s statement it read in part:

“Kanu unequivocally stated that he has not ordered any sit-at-home.

“He directs that all our people should go about their normal life and businesses without let or hindrance so as not to destroy the socio-economic life of our people, which have become the envy of all.

“Destructive activities of some hired marauders who are presently exploiting the temporary absence of Onyendu to cause untold mayhem, vandalism and calamity on our sacred ancestral lands were thoroughly discussed.

“Onyendu reiterated and emphasised his long-held position of distancing himself and his IPOB movement from the illegal and nefarious activities of these God-forsaken elements who mean no well for the Ndigbo and Alaigbo.”

Throughout order to urge Kanu’s release in the Southeast, IPOB had organised a sit-at-home protest.

The organization had mandated a Monday sit-at-home in protest of Kanu’s continuing imprisonment.

However, miscreants took control of the order and used the circumstance to launch malicious attacks.

Some evil forces implementing the sit-at-home order killed some people while destroying property. After doing this, IPOB revoked the sit-at-home directive.