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Nigerian riding from London to Lagos meets major bump at Cote d’Ivoire



There are definitely a million ways to attract attention in modern times with the popularity of Twitter and the social media. You only need an idea or pull off a stunt that makes the wave. One such Nigerian doing that is Kunle Adeyanju.

Kunle Adeyanju for some time now had embarked on a journey that takes him from London to Lagos. Of course, doing that doesn’t create attention naturally, considering people travel from London to Nigeria back and forth almost every day.

But what sets Adeyanju from others is that, he instead sets off on the journey on his motor bike, riding through towns and borders while looking to make his way into Nigeria.

Although, judging from his recent tweet, the Nigerian has revealed his come by a stumbling block on his entry into Cote d’Ivore. Nigerian Embassy handles the issue.

Kunle started his courageous but hazardous journey on April 19th has had to endure several twists and turns along the way.

In Mali, he was confronted by a serious challenge whereby his rear wheel got damaged which he had managed to see fixed.

Kunle plans to auction his Eagle bike and use the proceeds for charity once his journey ends.