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Nigerian man donates his entire savings for Peter Obi’s campaign



A young man has caused quite a stir on social media after he donated his entire savings to secure his future with LP candidate, Peter Obi.

Nigerian man donates his entire savings for Peter Obi's campaign

The Nigerian man was said to have donated an entire nine months of his savings to ensure the Labour Party (LP) flagbearer, Peter Obi emerges as president cum 2023 presidential election.

Taking to his Twitter handle, the young man donated the sum of N500,000 to, according to him, secure his unborn future generation.

He further urged the former Governor of Anambra State to ensure that he does not disappoint him and other Nigerian youths who believe in him.

He tweeted: “Am using my 9 months’ savings to secure my future generation yet unborn. Pls Peter Obi when you become president come 2023 election pls don’t disappoint me and other you that believes in you.”

Nigerian man donates his entire savings for Peter Obi's campaign

His act of service, of course, generated quite a bit of mixed reactions.

Many saw his actions as a misplaced priority while some saw it as a good act of service.

Take a look at some of the reactions below;

callmechigo wrote: “Sending money to a political party account doesn’t guarantee anything. It is not an investment to your future… This parties have more than enough to run their campaign and don’t need individual funds. Since it’s voluntary I don’t have a problem but Imagine using that money to better your life and help your family members in need than donating to political parties. Misplaced priority

onyii_ye wrote: “You people are trying so hard to tarnish Obi’s image. The man no beg una for fundraisingooohhh!!!. Just get your PVC and vote wisely come 2023. That’s not so hard to do nahh”

iamdx2 wrote: “Suffer Don tire everybody”

k_ketim wrote: “You mean you didnt have any family or friend that could talk you out of this”

gcad007 wrote: “When someone here needs this money badly. Nigerians and misplaced priorities Sha.”

jacksonamaka_ wrote: “Chei God…its not easy to bring out 500k in this time…God please”

ritas_voice wrote: “He just played lottery/ bet to win contracts, ministerial position etc. I pray his bet does not cut.”