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Nigerian man deported for allegedly killing parrot within one month in Canada



A Nigerian man was said to have been deported from Canada, not spending up to a month, for allegedly killing a bird animal, a parrot.

The occurrence was shared on Twitter by one Dr. Oludesa who claimed that the parrot had a GPS tracker on it, but the Nigerian man was immediately deported for being the cause of the bird’s death without knowing about the tracker.

In his words:

Them deport person from Canada within one month on arrival because e go kill pet parrot wey wear GPS tracker. Like, are you blind?”

Reacting to the tweet, Aluko Olami recounted how a similar occurrence happened to another countryman, but with a different animal.

Aluko Olami wrote:

The same thing happened here in Qatar around 2012, One of our countryman will just went out at midnight to kill cats to make soup. He has been doing it so long before police get him one night.He was deported too.The funny thing is he was doing good job of around $3k at the time.”

See tweet below

Federal animal cruelty laws in Canada were originally enacted in the Canadian Criminal Code in 1892. The current federal legislation under sections 444 to 447 of the Criminal Code of Canada includes both indictable and summary charges for animal cruelty.

The Criminal Code makes the deliberate killing, wounding, maiming, injuring, or poisoning of an animal as well as acts of deliberate cruelty can result in a prison sentence of up to 5 years or a fine of up to $10,000. A prison sentence of up to 18 months may also accompany a fine