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Nigerian Lady mocks man she begged for money because he sent her N20,000



A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to mock a man who she begged for some money, over the amount he gave her.

The entitled lady, identified as Lizzie, took to the microblogging app, Twitter, and revealed how a man sent her N20,000 with no promise of a refund, just after she begged him for money.

The young lady seemed disappointed that it was all he could give to her.

Lizzie went on to reference a phrase being used, which goes thus; Is it for Garri?

Sharing the experience, she attached laughing emojis in mockery of the poor guy.

Her tweet reads ”Asked this dude for some money and he sent 20k. Is it for garri?”

See the post:

Social media users lambasted her in the comment section for ‘being ungrateful’.

@haroouns; Na the guy I blame. Why he dey deal with kalokalo ?

@ivie114; Entitled fellow,is the money yours to begin with?…your mouth like is it for garri?….

@SeniorCounsel_1; And if this man never sent her anything, still it would have caused jitters. Unsatisfied and ungrateful gender.

@Nostressmebiko; I heard a girl I was toasting, telling her friends a guy sent her 10k and they laughed. She said 10k she can finish on breakfast alone. This na babe wey I sabi her family and they are managing. This world don spoil

@Nxtpope; Either the money is small or big is not the point for me, the entitlement is & will not make sense to me. Is his money and reserve the right of what to do with it.

@Daratolbeauty; If she’s actually working, she would appreciate the 20k,you think it’s easy to make money except she be hookup, 🤷 a Lady that’s working will appreciate even 5k cos she Will know how hard it is to get money and there parent is struggling to pay light bills.. hmm

@SpiffKelvin; Lol, my guy dash me 1k use buy food today till now I still de tell am thank you.

@Sandra_LOAT; Go and work first, then come back here and ask the question again .

@iam_eangel; The audacity! How much is average salary? Man comot 20k give u dey yarn dust, Go get am if e easy ode

@Omaloghomade; She should send it back, Omo Werey.

20 plus whatever she had previously in her acct, that’s if she even had anything is an addition for her.

@nomani_jay; On behalf of the guy in question, May thunder fire that girl.

@biospnx; If i continue that relationship, be it dating or just friendship mk i die

@TrustEderhi; If his salary is 150k a month and he sent u 20k it means he wokeup 3days, hurried through traffic, took insults from his boss, etc for u. And u are entitled 🙂

@JimCaddy; Me I need ten person of that 20k right now. Some people are really ungrateful. Someone voluntarily gave you 20k in this harsh economy, yet you say it’s not enough. Na you work the money for him pocket?

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