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Bandits force Niger State farmers to flee after deadly attack



Niger State bandit attack kill 20, farmers flee

In a brutal assault, the Niger State bandit attack forced the residents of Bassa, a farming community in Niger State, to abandon their homes leaving 20 people dead.

Sani Musa, the senator representing Niger East Senatorial District, revealed the Niger State bandit attack news over the weekend while commenting on the incident in Shiroro Local Government Area.

Senator Musa reported that the attackers had beheaded 10 youths and killed another 10 residents for allegedly resisting the bandits’ demands to join their group.

“Only three weeks ago, a group of bandits invaded Kuchi Community, killing seven security agents and taking about 150 people. The entire Kuchi community remains deserted. These latest attacks come when the people are preparing to return to the farm, which is their only occupation,” he stated.

The recent attack on Bassa occurred on Thursday. The bandits rounded up about 20 people, intending to conscript them into their ranks. When 10 of the youths resisted, they were beheaded. The remaining 10 were shot dead.

In April, the same group reportedly attacked Allawa community, killing nine residents after overpowering soldiers stationed in the area.

Efforts to obtain a comment from the state police spokesperson, Wasiu Abiodun, were unsuccessful at the time of reporting.

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