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“Never!” Peruzzi denies sexual assault allegations



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Nigerian singer Tobechukwu Okoh better known as Peruzzi, has denied the rape allegations against him, stating that he has never and will never be a rapist.

In the past days, social media platforms have been inundated with accounts by alleged victims of sexual assault after Vera Omozuwa, a student of the University of Benin (UNIBEN), died after she was raped.

Amid the heat of events, an alleged victim simply identified as Princess took to a newly created Twitter page on Wednesday, where she called out the music star for sexually assaulting her eight years ago.

“For so long I’ve kept this to myself but I have decided to speak out due to the boldness of Daffy Blanco & other rape victims,” she wrote in a flurry of tweets.

“Let’s expose these rapists for who they are, they have no right to take advantage of us. Say no to rape. Say no to rapists. SurvivingPeruzzi.

“So one time in 2012, I can’t really remember the date and the month. But I accompanied a friend “Aisha” to 1004.

“And as at then, I think she had a thing with Peruzzi, I accompanied her there, we spent a night that day and I happened to stay in the same room with Aisha and Peruzzi.

“In the night, he started touching me without my consent, I tried to tell him that that’s wrong and besides he has a girlfriend lying in between.

“So I left the room and went to sleep in the mini parlour upstairs, I had to leave the room because I wasn’t comfortable anymore.

“I tried to wake my friend so she’d understand what was going on but she was too fast asleep. So then I went to the parlour, and he came out and I had to tell him to leave or I create a scene.

“I was fast asleep, thinking he was just making advances. Me saying no, maybe he got the message. Being deep asleep, I felt someone trying to unbuckle my pants and then I woke up.

“I’ve kept this inside me for over 8 years now and I finally feel a bit of relief speaking out. I hope my story would encourage more suppressed rape victims to speaker out, no matter the situation.”

Following the heated backlash that trailed the rape allegations, the singer took to his Twitter page and wrote: “My name is Okoh Tobechukwu, I have never (been) and will never be a rapist.”

Peruzzi’s rebuttal comes months after Daffy Blanco, a UK-based singer, had alleged that he defrauded her to the tune of N15 million while trying to have his way with her sexually.

TheCable Lifestyle had earlier reported how Suraj Olunifesi, a lecturer of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), was accused of sexual assault by three female students.

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