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NCDC records 40 Lassa fever death rates in January



In a situation report on Sunday, the centre said the 40 deaths represented a Case Fatality Rate (CFR) of 19.0 percent lower than the CFR for the same period in 2021 which was 22.2 percent.

The report also showed that 211 confirmed cases of the disease were recorded out of a total of 981 suspected cases. The NCDC said in total, 14 states had recorded at least one confirmed case across 43 local government areas.

“Of all confirmed cases, 82 percent are from Ondo, Edo and Bauchi States.

“the National Lassa fever multi-partner, multi sectoral Emergency Coordination Centre (EOC) was activated to coordinate response activities at all levels,” the centre’s report read.

Lassa fever is a type of viral hemorrhagic fever caused by the Lassa virus. Many of those infected by the virus do not develop symptoms but when symptoms occur, they typically include fever, weakness, headaches, vomiting, and muscle pains.