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National anthem: “It will return our lost glory” — Philip Agbese



National anthem: "It will return our lost glory" -- Philip Agbese

Philip Agbese, Deputy Spokesman of the House of Representatives, has expressed strong support for the reintroduction of Nigeria’s old national anthem, asserting that it will play a pivotal role in restoring the nation’s lost glory.

Agbese made these remarks while speaking to journalists following President Bola Tinubu’s visit to the National Assembly.

Agbese lauded President Tinubu for his prompt action on legislative matters, highlighting the swift signing of the National Anthem and Student Loan Bills into law as a testament to the President’s commitment to working with the legislature and driving meaningful change.

“The signing of these bills in less than 48 hours demonstrates President Tinubu’s willingness to engage with the legislature and effect significant progress,” Agbese noted.

The deputy spokesman emphasized the nostalgic and patriotic significance of the old national anthem, describing it as a major step towards reclaiming Nigeria’s prosperous past.

“This anthem, with its familiar lyrics and stirring melody, evokes a sense of nostalgia and patriotism. It reminds us of our history, our struggles, and our triumphs,” he said.

Agbese further elaborated on the era associated with the old anthem, recalling a time of economic prosperity, robust infrastructure, thriving agriculture, and a top-tier educational system. He emphasized that the anthem is more than just a song; it is a symbol of Nigeria’s shared values and aspirations for unity, peace, and progress.

“In a country as diverse as ours, the national anthem is one of the few things that binds us together. It’s a common thread that runs through our collective fabric, reminding us of our shared identity and purpose,” Agbese added.

He urged all Nigerians to embrace the reintroduction of the old anthem with pride and passion, letting its lyrics inspire a collective effort towards a brighter future for the nation.