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NADECO to Buhari: Nigeria slipping into instability under your watch



President Buhari swears in five new Permanent Secretaries



The National Democratic Coalition (NADECO), on Sunday, looked at the country’s state and informed President Muhammadu Buhari government that, under his watch, the nation is slipping into political instability.

NADECO, in an open letter, named, ‘Unacceptable Deterioration of National Security and Political Stability’ under your watch’, showed concern over President Buhari silence on the activities of plundering herdsmen in the nation.

The statement, signed by NADECO’s General Secretary and spokesman, Ayo Opadokun, partly read, “Other than diminishing democracy to a virtual dictatorship, NADECO wonders by which section of our Ill-founded and presently extremely beleaguered so-called Federal Republic of Nigeria Constitution 1999, do the trio of your good self, Mr President, the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, aided by the Minister of Justice, public service officers all, with specific functions set out in the Constitution, find the justification to judge yourselves entitled to jump uninvited, with decrying statements, into the compendium of frays between trespassing Fulani herdsmen and ancestral land owners exercising their primordial rights to decide whom they want or do not want on their lands?

“Perhaps, better put, NADECO should be wondering whether because the President is the Patron of the Fulani Herdsmen and Cattle Traders (Miyetti Allah), land owners’ rights must be suspended in awe of such trespassers!

“Needless to say that it is such defence for specially preferred ethnicities that has led to the various discomfort experienced by groups like Ndigbo and now NINAS (the whole of the Middle Belt and Southern Nigeria), who have reached the end of their tether.

“They want out from Nigeria, variously on the unacceptability of this administration’s now obvious Policy of Fulanization and the President’s refusal to discontinue operating Nigeria in accordance with a Constitution concocted to fraudulently obtain the consent of the people of Nigeria to surrender their sovereignty, lands, resources and rights to the control of the promoters of the forged constitution and a clever ploy to transfer the resources protected by the independence constitution of the ethnicities in the spaces where they are found, to the 1999 Constitution and the President’s preferred and substituted beneficiaries.

“Thus, out of the total of 360 House of Representatives members, the entire South has 169, while the North has 191.

“The foregoing narrative explains why the owners of Nigeria were not given the opportunity to participate in Constitution making while the tables of rights of the component parts of the Country show the reasons you, Mr President and your preferred citizens, will forever not allow Nigeria to go back to what was agreed, and formed part of the Independence Constitution; making One Nigeria the biggest fraud ever.”


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