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My horrible experience of terrible service, deceit and theft with’s Tizeti Network



“Dear Isaac, trust this mail meets you well. We have excellent coverage at your location. It’s a fixed wireless internet service that involves the installation of an outdoor device (radio) and an indoor device (router). We provide (2-5) Mbps on a shared network. Our service is UNLIMITED. The installation cost for the residential unlimited plan is as stated below: (Set up – 35,500 Monthly subscription – 9,500 Total: 45,000)”

Tizeti’s Sales Executive’s deceptive assurance email

That was the response I received on July 22nd 2019 from one Uche, an official of following my inquiry about their services. To allay my obvious skepticism, after availing my contact number, she immediately placed a call and categorically stated that, in case I am unsatisfied with their services, they have a refund policy..

I was still going to explore other options but upon Uche’s emphatic re-assurance on their refund policy, I instantly transferred payment into the company’s account.

On the 25th of June, their officials who came around later than planned and announced they were done with installation after about 30 minutes. Of course, their unapologetic lateness was no issue to me. Unknown to me, that was the beginning of intense stress.

Upon our attempt to use the internet, the brand new Tizeti network service wouldn’t even load the lightest webpage. To my utmost surprise, we couldn’t open practically any site, neither could we send an email let alone do proper browsing with it. We tried and tried everything we knew, including restarting the network severally, according to their instructions, to no avail. Until that very day, I had never experienced an internet network as slow as’s Tizeti Network.

My intuition told me their claim of having “Excellent Coverage” in our location wasn’t true, so no matter what was done, there would be no difference. They were only nice until the point money enters their account.

I sent a complaint to them via mail to which they eventually sent their officials to check again. Afterwards, the internet practically got even worse and it was now showing three different names on the device. I have had to use poor internet but’s Tizeti network is the worst internet service I ever experienced, even here in Nigeria. It was so bad that we had to revert to using our previous internet service as what we thought to replace our former internet service is far worse than what we had before.

At this point, we realized we had been swindled. But I also remembered I only obliged to pay based on their refund policy so I sent a mail for refund. Unfortunately, all of my mails went to deaf ears. It’s over three weeks as I write and has refused to refund money for the service they never rendered despite their deceitful refund policy, needless stress and time wastage we’ve had to go through with them.

While this has nothing to do with the N45,000, it might interest you to know that as of today, about a month after, we’ve not been able to use the internet for anything whatsoever as it now remains off as shown in the image below. Tizeti ignored our last email and they can’t be bothered about refunding us or sorting the issues.

Tizeti is a very bad broadband network service and this is simply lending an eye to someone out there researching for a good internet service in Nigeria not to fall prey into the hands of the sheer wickedness and deceit called and their horrifying Tizeti Network Limited.

Apparently, I’m not alone as I just stumbled upon multiple threads on Twitter about Tizeti’s terrible service. The least we can do is ensure other unsuspecting people don’t go through the needless emotional distress and deceit Tizeti put me through for over three weeks now.

When considering internet services in Nigeria, please avoid’s Tizeti Network Limited and do your due diligence with other options available to you before committing your funds to them.

UPDATE: Kindly note that hours after publication of this post, Tizeti finally reached out, refunded the N45,000 and uninstalled their equipment. Thank you.

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  1. Sola Akande

    August 15, 2019 at 12:23 pm

    Tizeti? Complete waste of money!!

  2. Omolola

    August 15, 2019 at 12:24 pm

    Such terrible treatment, they deserve to be sued for reneging on their own policy.

  3. Japheth

    August 15, 2019 at 12:37 pm

    The government needs to come in and regulate these guys out, especially those offering abysmal services without refunding people’s fund. It’s sincerely a unique style of stealing. Seriously.

  4. Remi Adewole

    August 16, 2019 at 5:34 am

    Sorry about your experience but you should take them to court on this, they deserve to be taught a valid lesson. Tizeti is the number one internet thief in Africa! How can you promise refund and not refund? Only Tizeti, Very fraudulent guys!!

  5. Chioma

    August 20, 2019 at 12:42 pm

    They only refunded you because you have enough wisdom and influence to write about them on a major blog. Imagine many others who don’t have this priviledge. If I were you, I would still sue them!

  6. Matthew

    August 26, 2019 at 1:58 pm

    I’ve never felt so terrible about a decision I made without being coerced. I thought my worries over poor network had ended but I’ve never had it this bad. The customer service response time is very slow and there usually isn’t any resolution for days.

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