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MURIC: Miss Nigeria pageant is like BBNaija, supports Hisbah for criticizing Shatu Garko



MURIC - Newly-crowned Miss Nigeria 2021

MURIC, Muslim Rights Concerns had voiced out to show support to Hisbah for condemning Shatu Garko, the 44th Miss Nigeria winner, for participating in the beauty contest.


The PUNCH had sat down with the Director of MURIC, Prof. Ishaq Akintola, a Professor of Islamic Eschatology at the Lagos State University.


The group said Muslims do not participate in any beauty pageant, according to Quran Chapter 24, Verse 31; and Quran Chapter 33, Verse 59.


Prof. Akintola emphasized, “These two verses emphatically insist that women should cover themselves and dress up decently and neither should display their body for the public. Being present in a beauty pageant even if she was in a hijab, she had done the catwalked with thousands of men eating her up with their eyes. It is not acceptable.”


TopNaija had reported earlier that Shatu Garku, the 18-year-old winner of Miss Nigeria 2021 has been condemned by The Kano State Hisbah Board, a.k.a Sharia Police, for participating in the beauty pageant.


Prof. Akintola also emphasized that there is no difference between BBNaija and Miss Nigeria beauty pageant as both involves parading of bodies.


“We are not quite impressed by the development because the environment itself is un-Islamic – women parading their bodies and all of that. Hers may be different but she is not supposed to mix with those kinds of people. It is like going for BBNaija and using Hijab or dressing like a Muslim but you participated in BBNaija where people make love before the camera and millions of Nigerians are watching.


“In a beauty pageant, women also parade their bodies in stages, they come in bikini and all of that. It is not an exercise a Muslim lady should participate in, people who are decent, who have shame, who have honour, who would not display their nudity, who would not expose their bums for millions of naira should not participate in such pageants.”


Talking about the proposed invitation of Garko’s parents by the Kano Sharia police, Prof. Akintola said, “It is very good. Why do you think Nigeria is in trouble and our youths uncontrollable? It is because that parental guidance and values are missing at home. How did the parents allow her to go contest? Though she may be 18-year-old, once you are still under your parents, you are under your parents in Islam.”

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