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Moment Police nab underage boy for stealing to buy foodstuff for his family (Photos)



An emotional moment shows how men of the South African Police (SAP) caught a young boy stealing for survival.

The Operatives in Durban caught the young boy stealing, however, they decided not to arrest him but helped the family instead.

According to report, the Durban police asked the underage boy to take them to where he lives with his family, and on seeing their poor living condition, the police officers were moved to offer assistance.

They decided to buy food items for the family and delivered it to them in their mud house.

A South African Twitter user, @Neriah_JR shared the heart-melting story on the micro-blogging platform.

Her post reads; ”Durban SAPS caught a boy stealing & they asked him why, he said he is living alone with Koko in unbearable situation with no food neither a roof to sleep.

Instead of arresting the boy Police went to see where he stay & couldn’t help themselves but bringing them something to eat.”

See below…

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