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Moment newly wedded man queries wife for working during their honeymoon (Video)



A newly wedded Nigerian man has expressed his displeasure over the decision of his wife to choose work while on their honeymoon.

The husband made a recording of his wife sitting on a spacious bed while operating and concentrating on her Laptop.

The husband could be heard jokingly complaining to his wife for bringing some office work when they were meant to enjoy each other’s company as a new couple.

The man lamented about how the room they lodged into has been wasting since they checked in because of her work attitude.

He protested further, stating that honey (love making) is better than money, despite the lady’s claim of making money for both of them.

He said that he chose to film her so that the video can be sent to her mother for her to know what her daughter is doing to him.

Watch the video below:

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