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Mino ‘The Myth’ Raiola and the Media: The Love/Hate Story



It is obviously the one name that very much has intimidated the footballing world as things go in terms of the transfer market and negotiations. He strikes fear into the minds of Football Sport Directors and even Clubs as a whole, to the extent the media dubbed him ‘the Super Agent’. And when the media takes a liking to you, trust there to be a few odd stories floating out and about.

For Mino Raiola, today was in no way different, as the news and social media were filled with incredulous stories regarding his death from illness, which thankfully, got debunked hours later by Raiola’s Estate.

The news took the space by storm with RIP hash tags already circulating the media space, with some already wondering how the Haaland deal to Manchester City or Paul Pogba from Manchester United would pen out in the summer, or if it will even.

But trust all that to end up being a hoax as it turned out the man was very much alive though said to have been critically ill in a Hospital and being nursed back to health. A crafty old media uh? Mino was sure to let everyone know how pissed he was with a tweet. And surely, he should be, considering the hoax had gone on before in his name.

The truth though is, Mino Raiola has built himself an incredible profile that leaves him a perennial target for rumor mongers, naysayers and the likes to get reactions from the world at large and even Raiola himself.

He has developed into a mythical figure in size and personality over the years, and it stands to explain how very much platforms would make him the victim in what can be called a Love/Hate story.

The rumor drew the reactions and even more so, does the news he was still alive; which some jokingly call a resurrection as the summer was almost in sight, with the world not yet done with his negotiation antics and personality.

Below are some of the reactions from the Twitter platform in response to the news.